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Professional Development is the most important system we have created to help students prosper. Why? The most critical element for a classroom to thrive is the teacher.

That’s where you come in.

NaMaYa’s foundation begins with our Content Partners. We understand teachers of today require quality Professional Development, that is why we are always in search of content crafters to join our thriving team.

If you have academic and technological knowledge, consider yourself the perfect candidate. This entails designing your own courses or recycling content you have already created, without the headache of ensuring your courses are accredited.

Why join NaMaYa:
- We do all the marketing for your courses
- We utilize Canvas by Instructure for our LMS
- We will take care of course accreditation for you
- Support for anyone taking your courses is done by us
- We are a very transparent company
- All of our employees work remote (anywhere in the world they want)
- Our community is quite close, we are essentially a family
- NaMaYa funds, No Child Held Back, a non-profit that works with students in NYC, Hartford and Nigeria
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